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Mistresses (2013 - ????)Fresh News

Role: Savannah Davis

Status: Airing Season 2

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Project Runway All Stars (Season 4) (2014)

Role: Herself/Host

Status: Filming Season 4

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Touch Clothing Line (2007 - ????)Fresh News

Role: Fashion Designer/Founder

Status: Spring/Summer 2014 Launched  |  Information  |  Images

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2x05: Playing With Fire

Savi exposes a reckless side when cavorting with Zack. Meanwhile, Karen tries to curb her new addiction; Scott opens up to Joss about his fantasy; April hears upsetting news about Daniel; and Dom deals with the fallout of unmasking his romance with Savi.

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After winning the battle against spread of nudity over the internet, Alyssa opened her own internet searching company to enable her fans to track her whereabouts exclusively and in a safety way. Here's a few links officially related to Alyssa. | Celebrity Loop | Facebook | Twitter

Supporting Causes


As we had known, Alyssa used her star images throughout the career to influences others in doing good that also include setting up and supporting numerous humanity campaign to help others in need. She had worked with UNICEF and many others.

Unicef | Peta | NTD | Baby Bulgliari | Make A Wish

Revisiting Charmed


The sexy supernatural drama from WB about three sisters who happened to be witches, struggling to juggle their lives as normal modern women and dealing with their legacy as The Charmed Ones, fighting against the force of darkness with their powers. Alyssa portrayed the youngest sister, Phoebe Halliwell, the free-spirited and stubborn one in the family. After 8 successful seasons, we pay a great tribute to this show.

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"People on series are now given a lot more opportunities, sometimes more than film actors."

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All the awards that our site has won from the past 3 years we have been online serving fans with all the greatest news & medias of Alyssa Milano..
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